Honey, They Shrunk The SIM Card

A SIM, or Subscriber Identity Module, card is a card that you insert into a mobile device in order to access a particular network. You can take a SIM card out of one mobile phone and put it inside another, for instance, so that you may continue using your mobile phone account on that new phone. You can also use a card when you have a wireless broadband account. Under such an arrangement, your SIM would allow you to access the Internet on your mobile devices, and would also keep track of all the broadband minutes and data that you use.

The Micro SIM Card is the third iteration of card that’s been released to the public. The first version of a card was approximately the size of a credit card. The second version of the SIM card, sometimes referred to as a Mini SIM card, had dimensions of 15 millimeters by 25 millimeters. This third version is even smaller, yet it holds the same amount of data as the others. The European Telecommunications Standards Institute worked to develop the micro SIM, which was necessary because so many mobile devices on the market today are simply too small to hold even a 15 mm X 25 mm card. An important advantage to this latest kind of SIM card, however, is that it offers more potent data security.

If you own one or more Mini cards and you want to convert them into micro cards, all you have to do is purchase a Micro SIM cutter, an affordable device in which you place your card, push a lever, and cut that card into size. Some hackers have been able to cut their Mini SIM down to size using just a pair of scissors, but you need a high level of expertise before you’d want to attempt such a project. Chances are, you’d just end up with an inoperable card – or two inoperable SIM, to be more precise.

Be aware that there are still plenty of mobile devices for sale which will not support the micro version of SIM; their card slots are just too big to hold this variety. Still, expect the number of mobile devices that support micro cards to greatly expand in the near future.

Remember that with all cards, no matter their sizes, you are responsible for all of the calls made on your card. For that reason, hold on tightly to your SIM at all times. And, of course, the smaller the card the more difficult keeping track of it might be. Finally, report a stolen or missing card at once, lest you be on the hook for paying for every call that someone else made.

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The Debate Of Getting Your Phone Covered Or Not

Buying a new phone is like getting your months dreamed gadget in your hands. Though there are not many changes in the functionality, but, you had your heart stuck to the new toy in the market. The interest in buying the new gadgets can never be out, till the time people are ready to pay the amount for the least changes in the devices they will love to land themselves in the market in the search of the latest models of the phone. Purchasing a phone is not an easy task in itself as an individual gets to decide amongst the variety available and has to look for the maximum features under budget. There is every type of gadget available in the market, the customers can discriminate the products in the following manner:

1. Best Functionality

2. Best Brand

3. Reliable Features

4. Classy Design

5. Under Budget

There is something or the other left behind when the customers for the following requirements. It is not possible to have a reliable smartphone with the best functionalities in the pocket without spending much. After spending enough amount on the smart device who would want to spoil it soon, no one. So, the idea was to cover the phones with a case as that would act as a protective layer to the phone. This became a point of debate for many, as covering the phone would limit the classy design to be flaunted. Though many are convinced with the idea of covering the phones, others say that the gadget is ruined as the complete look is compromised when something is installed for the protection.

Be it anything that people believe the truth is as long as anything is in existence it needs care and protection to last for a longer time, and if you want your smartphones to have a long life the only way out is to put them in an enclosure. It is not mandatory, but necessary to cover the phones, and if the doubt was if that would hamper the outlook, you can easily design your own case.

Isn’t it a great idea that an individual gets to design the pattern for the protective cases by themselves? If it is in the hands of the customers to portray the items they are looking for, the products can offer the maximum satisfaction. This is the newest and a widely accepted trend that you can customize your own phone case through the online mode. If you search there will be many online service providers available who offer the platform to let the user explore their instincts and create something unique to be templated on the phone covers. Choose from the different tints, style a pattern and affix a picture that is your favorite. Following these ideas will not only offer gadget protection but will enhance the appearance. It would become easy to tackle the problems that can cause damage and at the same time one can flaunt their creation of customized cases.

5 Unusual Ways to Improve Poor Signal Reception

Poor cell phone signal reception is never appreciated. No one likes those missing signal bars on a phone’s display. You might have suffered from this problem some time in your life.

Such problems have always been there and over the years people have come up with some unique, unusual, and home-made remedies for these problems. 5 such ways these crafty individuals say to improve your signal reception are given below.

An old radio antenna

An old radio antenna might be a solution to your poor reception. They say that all you need is an old radio antenna. This might sound absurd, but there are actually testimonials available on YouTube guaranteeing results from the use of this technique. All that you need to do is place a radio antenna close to your cell phone and connect it to your cell phone’s external antenna using a copper wire.

Tesla Coils

It is an electrical resonant transformer circuit that can help you improve your cell phone reception. All that you need is a little piece of tesla coil and tape. You can tie the tape around your cell phone’s antenna and then use the tape to make sure it stays there. (that is if you can actually find the antenna on your phone… )

Paper Clip

This is one of the easiest methods of improving the reception. A paper clip is available in almost all offices. All that you need to do is to take a paper clip and fix it in your phone’s external antenna. Attention must be paid while doing so as paper clips can cause damage to your cell phone’s display or casing. Duct tape can be used to tie the clip with your cell phone. (This is was presented by they guy with tape on his glasses also)

Empty Cans

Now you’ll never throw away those empty cans as they can recue you from your bad signal reception. This is one of the most absurd ways but it actually works like magic. All that you need is two empty cans, a cutter, some copper wire, and a soldering iron.

The Steps

1. Wash the cans properly so that no residue is left.

2. Cut the end of any one can properly all the way, where there is no opening, and then join both the cans together by soldering them.

3. Make one hole in any of off the cans and put in the copper wire inside and make sure it holds well. Now put the other end of the wire into your cell phone’s external antenna, and you are DONE!

These are the simple steps of utilizing empty cans to improve your signal reception. Many variations of the method are available and some even include the option of making little propellers out of the cans for decorations.

Insulated Wire

This is again one of the cheapest methods. All you need is 20cm of insulated wire. Strip both sides of the wire (about 1cm each) and skew around half the wire to a stick in order to give it those circles. Now that your antenna is ready, you need to place it on your cell phone’s external antenna and then you are done.

Enjoy these cheap and easy methods and say good bye to poor signal reception. Or you can truly increase your weak cell signals with proven signal boosters that are very affordable, much more effective and will do a lot less harm to your expensive wireless devices.