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Grooming Your Pet at Home

The guy I work with cuts his own hair. This saves him time and money. In this economy people are looking for every way to save a penny here and there. One such way a pet owner can save time and money is by being your dog’s own personal groomer. That’s right…cutting your dog’s hair yourself. If you invest in a good pair of clippers, then grooming your dog in the privacy of your own home can save you time and money.

Aside from saving you time and money, pets know their owners and trust us. This should be the number one reason to want to groom your pet yourself. By keeping your pet at home, you are keeping him in a comfortable area that he is already familiar with. When you stay at home for grooming, there won’t be other pets around to distract him. If there are other pets around, then I’m sure they are pets your pup is probably already used to. My dog gets really excited around other dogs so we groom her at home and it keeps her calm.

Grooming your pet at home will save you time. Instead of having to rush around town trying to make an appointment or find a walk-in pet salon, you can just groom your pet on your own time at your own home. For me, I have a hard time remembering meetings and appointments as it is, and to add one more appointment would just make it worse. It’s so convenient to be in the comfort of your own home and groom your pet. As I said earlier, my dog isn’t exactly the most friendly dog and by grooming her at home, I don’t have to deal with whether or not she likes the groomer…because it’s me! If I had to find a pet salon to take her to, it might take awhile because it would be trial and error, with mostly errors!

Finally, grooming your pet saves you money. Between driving to work and the gym and the grocery store, I don’t want to make anymore stops than I have to. The price of gas right now is high enough as it is, I don’t need to add on anymore to my gas bill by making an unnecessary stop at a pet salon. Also, the bills at a pet salon can add up quickly. The average grooming session starts at $50 and goes up from there. You can get a great pair of pet clippers for the same price as 3 sessions at a salon.