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Ohio Lemon Law – Your Last Recourse

If you buy a new vehicle, you are sure to have a warranty from the manufacturer. What it does is that it requires the manufacturer to pay for parts and service if any problem arises. Now, if the problem is critical and it falls under the warranty, all you need to do is approach the dealer to resurrect it. And if the dealer cannot fix the problem after a considerable number of attempts, you may have a lemon. Yes, you can claim a lemon law that makes you entitled of a replacement or compensation on part of the manufacturer.

Ohio lemon law came into being to safeguard the consumer’s rights against any flaw that largely impairs its use, worth or safety, and has not been suitably repaired or repaired in a timely manner on part of the manufacturer. Passenger cars, motorcycles, motor homes and “light” trucks are the vehicles covered by the lemon law. Remember, the lemon law is pertinent for the above said vehicles in the first year or 18,000 miles of action, whichever happens first. However, recreational vehicles as well as boats are out of the question. It is worth mentioning that Ohio lemon law is not applicable for used cars.

Lemon laws make sure that the manufactures and dealers reimburse the purchased price of the vehicle or provide a replacement vehicle, if they are unsuccessful to resurrect the problem within a considerable amount of time. Any letdown to act in accordance with Ohio’s Lemon Law is a breach of Ohio’s Consumer Sales Practices Act.

Before a vehicle is said to be a lemon, there are a lot of things apart from the manufacturer’s defect, which are required to be considered. If within the first year of purchase or 18,000 miles of operation, the manufacturer through the dealer has made three or more attempts to fix the problem, but all in vain the law is applicable.

Similarly, if the vehicle does not function for a total of 30 or more calendar days for repairs. If the manufacturer takes eight or more tries to repair a sizeable problem covered by the warranty, it still calls for the enactment of the lemon law. The law also applies when there has been one repair attempt at the most for a safety-related problem, which still remains unresolved.

Ohio Lemon Law also ensures that the automakers and dealers present more information to consumers than before. Consumers should keep good records and an exact maintenance history to stay in safe hands. They should keep all warranty and repair orders intact. On receiving the order, consumers must counter check it to authenticate all the pertinent information. From writing down the vehicle’s problems to filing in the repair records, everything needs to be done. Last but not the least, a consumer should certainly follow the owner’s manual.

Always remember that before you file a lawsuit, arbitration is another way to resolve your dispute. Arbitration can also be compulsory at times. Generally, verdict is given within 40 days after the Board has received the consumer’s application for arbitration. The best part is that the manufacturers pay for arbitration programs irrespective whether they win or lose.

With the initiation of the Ohio lemon law, there has been less problems with automobiles and hence a good number of satisfied customers.